Using DSP to remaster old songs

Team Members: Richard Shen, Michael Sun, Hyugo Weicht

Problem Summary

Many recordings have been preserved from the past. However, these recordings suffer from the inferior technology of its time. They suffer from the limitations of the technology that results in unwanted noise and pops that obscure the song itself. As technology has improved, song remastering has come up as a method to filter out these undesired sounds while maintaining the authenticity of the original singers and musicians. For our project, we delved into digital song remastering methods. Our goal is to successfully filter out all noise and pops while also preserving the original song by utilizing modern digital signal processing techniques. We have created a program that will employ filtering techniques to remove the noise and amplify the original song. In addition, we plan to implement a general equalizer where a user can adjust the “low’s, mid’s, and high’s” of the filtered recording manually.